It was in my college years that I met her. One day a friend of mine at ET and I decided to eat dinner at the women's cafeteria instead of the one near our dorms. All students could use any of the cafeterias on campus but most ate at the closest one to them. We were in the mood to pick up some chicks and have a little fun! We found these two chicks and sat down with them. One was a tall girl, nearly 6 feet tall with medium brown hair and no boobs. The other was from Florida and has a wonderful accent which was enticing. My friend, who was 6 ft 3 inches tall, opted for the tall one and I the Florida chick. We offered to take them to a local pub and then back to the dorms. They accepted and we lied to them! Instead of taking them to the pub, we made a left on the highway and headed for Dallas 45 minutes away! My friend was sitting with the girl I was interested in and I had the tall one! We ended up in Dallas and had a wonderful time creating havoc at a local radio station on Flagpole Hill and cruising around the town. Along the way, I got to know the tall girl and found her to be intriguing and fun to be with!

Jane was a wonderful girl. Swamp Woman, her roommate from Florida, was a joy too! After that first night, we were inseparable. For the next few months, we met early in the morning after third period and went everywhere together: to the pubs, student union, pool halls, movies, and to the infamous "Love Field"! Love Field was an abandoned airstrip in serious shape on a country road outside of Commerce. I would visit her at her folks' house for the weekends and sleep on the couch. We spent a lot of time together and after about a year together, I asked her to marry me. She accepted and I was so very happy. I bought her a ring at a local jeweler's though I wanted for it to come from Tiffany's as in the movie that featured "our Song": Moon River. We were quite affectionate in those wonderful days and the inevitable happened between us one time. Both were novices and well......But it was wonderful! I loved her so very much. My Poo!

But then, a dark cloud rose on the horizon. After giving her the ring a week later, it was returned to me in the mail! With no note, no nothing but the ring and some other things I had given her. I was livid! I rushed up to the town that she lived in and tried to see her. Her parents wouldn't let me see her, except from a distance. I saw her crying. They wouldn't tell me why! It was 6 months later when I knew why. Her parents and my parents had ganged up on us and didn't want us to marry. They told her lies that weren't true and MADE her, literally, made her, give me up. They told her they would disinherit her if she married me. She couldn't even talk to me at college. If they found out she had, she would have been in a lot of trouble. But her roommate did talk and tell me which helped.

I only saw her two more times after that until much later in life. Once after I was married to my eventual wife, Rosemary, during a baby shower for our first baby girl, her college roommate was invited to the party and thought she would be "cute" and bring Jane along. Jane had no idea she would see me then. I was shocked and, to tell the truth, a little bit worried. But Jane and my wife got along well. What they said to each other I would not know for 30 years.

To close this chapter of the story, I must leap ahead 30 years. After the death of my wife Rosemary, a victim of a hit-and-run driver on the streets of Houston, I bought a WebTV unit which I am using now. In using it, I discovered to my joy that I could look up old friends of mine and find them on the Internet. I found Jane's brother with it and when I scrolled down, there she was with a address and a phone! I pondered for a few days whether to call. I located Jane's roommate and I called her. "Swamp Woman" who was at one time married to Jane's brother, told me Jane would love to hear from me and that she had been divorced 10 years. I called her, visited with her, proposed to her again and was turned down. Too much water under the bridge. She was too wrapped up in her career and her life to do it again. We loved and we are the best of friends for life. She was my first and best true love. My Poo!

Here pictured is my "Poo" and some of my friends including the "Swamp Woman and her new Husband exhibiting the Peace symbol of th 60's along with my college roommate.