I wrote this biography back in the summer of 1997 to let others know about me; who I was, and who I wanted to be. I bought a WebTV® box in February of 1997 as it seemed that a little angel thought it was a good idea to do. I began, with the urging of one of my daughter's boyfriends, to begin building a webpage in late April of 1997 which has grown from one page to over 40 pages now in June of 1999 and winning over 50 awards on the net. I have been visited by over 100,000 people, been spotlighted by WebTV's Serpendipity column, a by Tripod as one of their 100 best webpages and in their newletter and a lot of lovely ladies and guys have visited. And I began to get acquainted with many by email.

On Septmember 9th of 1997 I joined an email list on the net called cuckoolist. It had a large group of people on it who gave information and topics about WebTV, and they became good friends along the way. Today many of these same cuckoos are on a list called WebTV Friends which is run by a young lady in Tulsa, Ok named Subana. Her real name is Ruth. Once after joining Friends, Ruth sent me her picture unsolicicated. I found her to be lovely and a very warm personality. I had enjoyed her posts for a long time on cuckoo and found we had similar interests. One day a member of the list, John Paul, sent a webpage to sign up a "secret admirer" to send them a card on the net.

It was shortly after Valentines Day and I thought that I would send a "secret admirer" card to Subana as I really enjoyed her posts and her warm personality and I knew she was sngle. I sent it from a private box so she would not know immediately it was me. Eventually she found out it was me and we began corresponding via email. I had devoloped my own chatroom called LeFantoe's Grotto of Seduction and invited her into my lair. Quickly and swiftly it became apparant to me and to her that the two of us had a awful lot in common and we loved each others letters and company. One thing led to another and soon we were cyber engaged! I asked her to be my cyber bride on March 9th, 1998.

The thrill of it all was too much!!! I realized to my amazement that I was really falling in love with this woman from Tulsa, OK.
Soon, Ruth was on an airplane whisking its way to Houston and to her LeFantome! She stayed with me as I moved to Dallas. Unfortunately when we did move to Dallas the magick was gone. I had taken her out of her enviorment and into mine and I guess there was a reason she had remained single all her life and the adjustment was too much and she moved back to Tulsa. So the saga continued....One day I will find one who wants to share but not as of yet!

Another time went on and a lady from CA who applied for my award read this bio. Her name was Starla. She wrote me and said that she knew I was looking for that "perfect woman" and that she knew a lady in Kansas who might fill the bill. Her name was Dee and I wrote her as I did Subana and again the magick appeared. Could it be this time is real?

Dee and I met in Dallas on the day before New Year's 1999. We had talked and chatted constantly on the phone and the web for a couple months. Dee was what I was looking for and she also loved me too. It was love at first sight and over the waters of White Rock Lake in Dallas I asked her if she wanted to make it permanant and she said yes. Dee was the one with the sincerity and sensitivity and caring that would be wonderful in my life. She was a quiet person and after a few months of traveling back and forth between states I moved to KS. My two daughters were gone as one was married in late 1999 and the other moved to Wichita after graduation from high school in Ft. Worth and is now engaged. I was alone and felt it was best to move to a new location and a new wonderful life for me. However, after a year and a half in Ks I returned to Texas to Ft Worth but after 6 months apart from my Dee we met again when I moved Dawn from Wichita and love struck us again. We have been engaged now and Dee is moving to Texas where we plan to be married in Turner Falls, Ok in a scenic spot. A cyber-wedding was preformed by the Rev Joezie Hickman on April 28, 2001 which officically married us in many states and on the internet. We lived together as man and wife for 5 years when this relationship too ended with mutual consent. We are still friends and see each other often. So this Chapter comes to an end. I owe a lot to WebTV and the internet and to the many people who visit me on it.Thank for reading my story and may the music of the night invade your life as it has mine.