Born Monday, July 16, 1945. As of Saturday, May 11, 2002 you are 56 years old and have lived 20753 days

In The News In 1945:

The Holocaust is revealed to the world when British troops liberate the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin agree that the Soviet Union would enter thewar against Japan at Yalta Conference in the Crimea. Germany surrenders, ending the war in Europe. Explosion of the first atic bomb at Alamagordo, NM. U.S. drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Japan surrenders ending World War II.

Entertainment in 1945
* Nobel Prize Winner (Literature) - Gabriela Mistral - Chili
* Best Selling Fiction - Forever Amber, Kathleen Windsor
* Best Selling Non-Fiction - Brave Men, Ernie Pyle
* Best Picture - The Lost Weekend, Paramount
* Best Director - Billy Wilder, The Lost Weekend
* Best Actress - Joan Crawford, Mildred Pierce
* Best Actor - Ray Milland, The Lost Weekend

Sport champions in 1945
* MLB - Detroit Tigers
* NFL - Cleveland Rams
* NBA -
* NHL - Toronto Maple Leafs
* NCAA-Basketball - Olahoma State
* KY Derby - Hoop Jr.
* U.S. Open Golf - not played
* U.S. Open Tennis (Men) - Frank Parker
* U.S. Open Tennis (Women) - Sarah Palfrey Cooke

Celebrities born on July 16

* Margaret Smith Court tennis player - 1942
* Barry Sanders football player - 1968
* Ruben Blades singer/actor - 1948
* Phoebe Cates actress - 1963
* Barnard Hughes actor - 1915
* Bill - 1945

Your Zodiac Sign Is: Cancer

Cancer is a sensitive, emotional sign where feelings count more than logic. Since they are very nurturing and protective, they make wonderful mothers. Like a crab, they are hard on the outside and soft inside. A Cancer's emotions shift back and forth. The home is important to them and provides their foundation.

Your Chinese Sign Is: Rooster
You will experience great highs and lows. Despite outward appearances, you are basically a loner.

Your Birthstone Is: Ruby