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Le Fantõme's Buddies on the Net !!

Over the past year I have made a lot of friends on the net with these pages from WebTV and I would like to share with the readers some of their individual wbpages of my email and list buddies! These are folks who are not in the awards list or in other sections of my pages. Some are students of mine in html and some are just neat friends who have shared their lives and email with me. Take a look at their pages; many are quite remarkable!

My Buddies!!

Jack's Place
A good friend in Los Banos, CA
MAYOR'S site
Steve --good friend and fellow ET Lion!
Lonely Leo's
Mozelle -- friend in Houston artistic page!
Sheila's Outback Steakhouse Page
Cheryl -- a travelin' lady who loves Outback
Melissa's Place
Hot Thang -- the Beaumont Beauty!
NFL Hyperlinked Schedule/U pickem
Charles -- I nearly won the Pickem!
Col. Charles S. Bolden
now General--astronaut friend
Gypsy Boot's Homepage
Gypsy - met in the 60's - celebrity & health guru
Von Erich's Official Wrestling Homepage
Fritz/Jack - partriarch/friend rest in peace...
Stephen F. Austin High School
Dawn's high school that she attends
My WebTV Pals Mailing List!
Here are their bios and Homepages!
Phil's Rock & Roll page
Phil -- from WebTV Friends
FMY's Soup to Nuts
Phil's wife Fran
Tamara's Shelties
Tamara - WebTV friend and doggie lover
The Fire Chief's homepage
Jon - a WebTV Friend
Lady Sorceress' Chamber of Spells
Lady -- from alt.discuss.young-at-heart
ED's LA King's Page
Ed -from WebTV Friends list
Moment on Earth
Pat - Cuckoo list and close encounter witness
Jen's Curve of Cyberspace
primalscream from WebTV® Friends
Taxman's Graphics
Designs wonderful banners and one of my awards!
DragonLadee's HomePage
A wonderful friend and an Exciting Page!
Kitty's HomePage!
A beautiful young lady from Jersey who loves to DANCE!