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<1> Welcome to the interview for Net4Tv Voice Community section! Please answer the questions in narrative paragraphs about the size of this paragraph. This helps speed things along. When I receive your answers, I will then change the first person to the third person and do many quotes!

You may add http:// or a href= to the story anywhere it needs it. This is where you want your viewers to go and see what you are talking about. When you get to the end of this page, click the "Submit" button. I will then E-mail you when your profile is coming out along with a banner for you to promote it! ;-) - Le Fantome, writer for Net4Tv Voice Community

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1.) Anything you would like to share about your personal life (family, job, hobbies, trips)


2.) Where, when, and why did you purchased your WebTV and why?

3.) What did you do online during your initial time with WebTV? Newsgroups you hang out in? E-mails per day or week?

4.) How you learned HTML/Javascript etc? Who helped you or was most useful and their URLs? How long has your webpage/s been up? (please provide the URL here)

5.) What will the readers find on your webpage? Are there any future plans for your webpage?

6.) What are your likes and dislikes about WebTV? any suggestions for improvements? Future for WebTV?

7.) If there was anything else that I did not think to ask, please enter it here.Also....Interesting experiences while on WebTV?

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