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A User's Commentary about Net4TV

Comments regarding the value of Net4TV to the WebTV community.

Le Fantome marries his Angelique

CarolVid writes about the cyber wedding of Bill and Dee on the net.

So you wanna be in pictures!

Article written about my experiences being a movie extra on the set of Servicing Sara with Matthew Perry and Elizabeth Hurley.

WebTV E-mail via phone

This is my latest article written about, a service that enables you to listen to your WebTV e-mail by phone and respond to it.

Gypsy Boots: Bare Feet & Good Things to Eat

An article about a good friend who is an icon in the health food experience and the Original Hippy!

Cut your WebTV Bill

Unfortunately this article is outdated as the Free ISP's have gone bye bye but hopefully they will return! ;-(

Ed Simmons ain't no Hockey Puck

A great friend of WebTV who is on a computer and a LA Kings fanpage!

Rev. Joezie & Shawnee: Native Americans on the Net

More needs to be written about the contibution of the Native Americans on the web. These folks are great friends and great Christians!

The Passing of a Web Friend

The unfortunate and untimely passing of Lady Sorceress aka Michelle who was a good friend of many on the net.

Subana, Kitties best WebTV Friend

A wonderful lady from Oklahoma and a big kitty lover!

This Neo Helps Newbies

A very talented fellow from Florida who had wonderful and creative pages on the net.

An Alternative To Trolls in Ng's

My favoriate article about a subject near and dear to my heart--that is eliminating rude and crude behavior on the net.

LeFantome and Outrage! LIVE!(offline)

An audio interview from Sunday Chat with the Net4TV crew!

LeFantome: Is he the real Phantom of the Opera

I didn't write this article but it was written about me by a very sweet lady as a tribute to my pages.

Thanks to Pam for this nice award!

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