Community Feature
Subana: The Kitties Best WebTV Friend

By Bill Johnson aka Le Fantome
(January 30, 2000)

[For all cat lovers, here is a gorgeous website specifically geared to the love and care of your feline. Of note, this lady was involved with a case of abused kitties and you must read on to learn more of this selfless lady! A link provides assistance to others with felines who have a disease, behavioral problem or other pet issues. There is also a link entitled "Second Chance Animal Sanctuary" in reference to both dogs and cats!--ck]

The author has enjoyed the company of Subana since meeting her on WebTV a year ago. Ruth, aka Subana (a unique and beautiful name, which means purity in Sufism, a religion she practiced for awhile) was found to be an intelligent and witty lady, always with a pleasant smile and infectious laugh. She began her WebTV experience in January of 1997 in the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Subana's original reason for buying WebTV was to be able to access some dating sites on the Web. She says, "My interest in dating sites has declined," she said, although she notes she once was engaged to a person who shall remain anonymous that she met on the net! Ruth says, "I seldom visit them anymore but I love e-mail! I think it's great the way people can communicate so easily with each other! I do have Web TV Plus unit now and have had it since last October. My main reason for wanting a Plus was to be able to use my own pictures and this seemed like the easiest way."

Subana's pages on the net are titled Subana's Cat Room and are filled with wonderful links and information about the feline creatures she loves. She says, "I think the main message I would like to send to people visiting my page is that animals are our friends. They give us a lot of love and bless our lives so much just by being there. And yet, they ask for so little. It is only right that people should treat them with love! In other words, we shouldn't neglect them or try to abuse them in any way."

Ruth has been involved most notably in a case of abuse of kitties down in Eastern Texas where cats were being cross-bred to have very short legs, making them physically handicapped. She tells this writer that she doesn't have the time she would like to get involved anymore in the abuse but encourages everyone to be interested in pet rights. Some of her favorite cat pages are about feline health, most notably Feline Health Directory. "It's great! If your cat has any kind of problem (from behavioral to medical), there is someone here who can help you! All you do is find the problem your cat is having and there is someone on this page that you can e-mail for advice," said Ruth."

As far as her "Kitty Links," she said, "I couldn't have made a kitty page without Cat Stuff! For more information on kitty pages, go to the Kittie links page on her homesite.

Ruth is the owner of a very successful e-mail list called "WebTV Friends." She tell us that a couple of years ago, "a group of us belonged to another mailing list. On this list there was a lot of flaming going on and there were several of us who didn't like it and wanted something better, but at the same time, we didn't want to leave our friends we had made there. Then one day, someone started sending stuff to several of us with the 'CC' feature. I just happened to write back to him and asked if we were starting a new list. We started talking about it and it turned out he knew how to start a list. At that time, I didn't. Anyway, we began the list and in the first few days, we had about 30 subscribers. We wrote some rules so we wouldn't have to put up with the same stuff we put up with on the first list and it's worked very well!"

"WebTV Friends" is currently on Globelist which would have a link to her list Wtvfriends. The page on the History of Friends tells about how it was formed. A lot of kitty links are posted on the list much to the delight of Subana!

The Friends Gif Pages from the "WebTV Friends list" were an idea from and are very popular on the net. It is maintained by Ed who does a wonderful job keeping them up. You will find great gifs, backgrounds and helpful links to help pages on WebTV. They also have won a great many awards and give awards for great webpages.

Ruth has learned a lot about making webpages from her "Friends page" and those she has known from WebTV. This is Melissa's page "and I have learned from her and Ed and even you, Bill. You too! Actually, I would find it difficult to name just one person as I've learned from lots of people...and am still learning!

[Community Editor's Notes: Viewing your webpage has been a delight and certainly educational as to the "Second Chance" link on your site. Ruth, you are to be commended for your selfless time in the cause for the love and care of one's animals.--ck]