Le Fantome likes to partake of the finer things of life like opera, ballet, and gourmet cooking in his dwell in the caverns of the Paris Opera House! He is especially fond of the cooking of the SouthWest US in Texas. What follows are some of his recipes for gourmet dining on a budget in a underground cavern..The Food of the Night... Enjoy them in good health. They are home-tested which means they are OOOOOHHHH soooooo GOOOOOOOOOD!


Dena's Ham and Corn Chowder Camp Allen Black Bean Soup Minnestrone Brown Soup French Onion Soup


Honey Mustard Sauce Ranch Dressing Outback Steak House Ranch Mustard Sauce Herb Butter Era's BBQ Basting Sauce Raisin Sauce for Ham


Bill's Dip Dee's Vegetable Salad Dawn's Fruit Salad Kool Tiger Dena's Quesidallas Shelly's Egg Rolls Caraway Seed Cold Slaw Ruth Johnson's Potato Salad

Meat Dishes

Deviled Salisbury Steak Ham Loaf Peanutty Pork Chops Ham Croquettes Coca-Cola BBQ Sherry Little Meats Veal Cointreau Chicken Fried Steak Round Steak Royale Corn Ham Shortcakes Beef Daube Sauerbraten [Luchow's NYC]


Skillet Dinner Tamale Pie Cowboy Casserole Enchilada Casserole


Stuffed Shrimp a la Fantome Tuna a la Geisha Deviled Crabmeat Broadmoor


Drunken Chicken Kings Ranch Casseroles Chicken a le Fantome Cheesy Chicken Kiev Luby's Chicken/Turkey Tetrazzini Chicken Kiev

Tex-Mex Recipes

Terilingua Competition Chili Tamale Pie Chimichagas Mexican Pralines Sweet Tater Pie Tater Salad for a MOB Spanish Rice Best Damm Pintos Dave's Chili BBQ Meatballs from Dee Chow-Chow Mexican Wedding Cookies


Carrots in Cream and Dill Baked Stuffed Summer Yellow Squash Kartoffel Pfankuchen [potato pancakes] Pork Fried Rice Best Baked Beans German Red Cabbage Cabbage Bohemian Black-eyed Pea's Baked Squash


Governor's Chess Pie Hillary Clinton's Choclate Chip Cookies Luby's Coconut Meringue Pie Butterscotch Pie Sugaring Off Pie Old Southern Tea Room Cheesecake Brownie's Diner Coconut Merinque Pie Cheesy Cherry Pie Blonde Brownies Pecan Pie Black Bottom Pie Yo Ho Rum Cake Chocolate Cake to die for Chocolate IceBox Pie Carrot Cake Chocolate Pudding Cake Old Fashioned Egg Custard Pie Caramel Cookies Krispy oatmeal cookies Dutch Apple Pie Zuchinni Cake

Greek Recipes

Stuffed Grape Leaves Baklava Souflaki a la Torch

Italian Recipes

Fantome's Italian Red Sauce Manicotti Fantome's Lasagna

Drinks and Other Recipes

Microwave Watermelon Pickles Pear Preserves Embalming Fluid Johnny Reb Blue Hawaiian Bill's Rainbow Drink Roach Appetizers Homemade Slime

Southern Holiday Recipes

Raoul's Cheesy Slaw Beef Stroganoff Swedish Meatballs Holiday Dressing Hopping John Sweet Potato Pone Sweet Potato Pie Spanish Rice Potatoes with Lemon Herbs Deviled Eggs Texas Hushpuppies Mexican Pralines White Fudge Chocolate Covered Cherries Southern Cheesecake Magic Fruitcake Dee's Red Hot Jello Dee's Strawbery Pretzel Salad Chocolate Chip Cookies German Chocolate Pie Highland Park Cafeteria Coconut Icebox Pie Sugar Cookies Eclairs

PICTURED:Chocolate Covered Cherries, LeFantome's Uncooked FruitCake,
Texas Pralines, Sugar Cookies.
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