Microwave Watermelon Pickles

3 qt chunks white portion matermelon leaving 1/8 inch red and pelling skin
2 cups water
1 TB mixed pickling spice
2 connamon sticks, broken
1 lemon sliced thin
3 cups sugar     
1/ 1/2 cup white vinegar; 1 cup water

In a 3 qt pan place watermelon chunks. Add water and cover. Zap on HI 30 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. Let stand while making syrup. Make a spice bag of spices, cinnamon and lemon. Place bag in sugar, vinegar and water in 2 qt cassarole. Microwave for 20 minutes and uncovering after 10 minutes. Drain water from watermelon.Pour syrup with bag over watermelon and microwave on HI for 35 minutes stirring every 10. Chunks should be tender and tranlucent. Ladle into sterized jars and seal.

Embalming Fluid
Served at Haunted House Club, Dallas

1 oz of the following:
grain alchol      151 proof rum
tequila           gin
creme de menthe green

Shake with ice; Served in rocks glass with ice. Present with death certificate.

Johnny Reb

1 oz grenadine
6 oz 7-up or Mountain Dew
1 jigger bourbon
cherry to garnish

Pour grenadine into Tom Collins Glass along with jigger of Bourbon [may use rum] mix well add ice and add 7 up to fill. Garnish with Cherry.

Blue Hawaiian

1 oz Blue Curaco
1 jigger light rum
6 oz pineapple juice
slice orange

Mix in collins glass and garnish with orange peel cherry etc.

Roach Appetizers---POISON-----

8 OZ boric acid
1/8 cup sugar
1/2 cup flour
1/4 cup bacon grease
1 small green onion chopped fine
water to make soft dough

Mix and put in small amounts in bottle caps or roll into balls about the size of a mothball and put in place where you see the critters.  Replace every 6-8 days with new formula. Should do the trick and kill those pests in 1-8 weeks-  POISON DO NOT USE ABOUT PETS

Rainbow Drink First an education on how to make this becaue it isn't easy. Floating Liqeurs Here's How: Select a shot, cordial, or Pousse Cafe glass. Refer to the density chart for approximate weight of liqueurs. Pour your heaviest liquid first. Place a bar or teaspoon upside down into the glass against the edge. Slowly pour the next heaviest liqueur over the back of the spoon. Continue with each liqueur, ending with the lightest. If a liqueur does not float, discard or drink this attempt. Admire your finished work of art. My drink is heaviest to lightest Creme de banana creme de noyeux creme de menthe green creme de menthe clear blue curaco brandy. Now what follows is a density chart for other liqeurs. Creme de Cassis Grenadine Anisette Creme de Banana Creme de Noyeaux Creme de Menthe Creme de Cacao Maraschino Liqueur Coffee Liqueur Cherry Liqueur Parfait Amour Blue Curacao Blackberry Liqueur Apricot Liqueur Orange Curacao Triple Sec Amaretto Cherry Brandy Peach Brandy Sambuca Apricot Brandy Blackberry Brandy Ginger Brandy Peppermint Schnapps Peach Schnapps B & B Grand Marnier Sloe Gin Kirsh Cream A fun recipe for 4th of July would be grenadine vodka blue curaco
KRISTINA'S WEDDING CAKE I made the wedding cake for my daughter, Kristina. It was the first one I ever did. This cake is 2 layers each of 14", 10", 8" and 6" cake pans. CAKE MIX: 8 boxes Pillsbury White cake mix [for each mix] 1 cup + 2 TB water 2 TB oil 2 whole eggs 1 tsp Creme Bouquet extract 14" 2 full mixes 10"= 1 mix 8" = 1/2 mix/2 1/2 cups 6" = 1 3/4 cups Icing: 1-2 tsp Nordic cream extract 1/2 cup hot water 2 lb powered sugar 1 cup shortening Makes 7 cups frosting, Bama Strawberry Jam or other filling of your choice. Mix cake on low till moistened then 2 minutes at medium. Bake at 350F. 14"=45-50 minutes 10"=30-40 minutes 8"=25-30 minutes 6"30 minutes. Mix icing in processor can dilute to thinness desired with water or milk, Split the layers and fill with jam and assemble. Party sprinkles also may be added to the cake mix if desired.
Homemade SLIME slime: You will need 2 bowls. In the first bowl, put 4 oz of Elmer's glue and 4 oz of water. Add any color of food coloring you want. Stir well. In the second bowl, mix 1 tsp 20 Mule Team Borax with 1 cup of water. Stir until the powder dissolves. Combine the 2 bowls and watch the chemical reaction. Remove the glob that forms and knead with your hands until it feel dry. Store in a ziplock bag.
Pear Preserves 6 cup sugar 3 cups water 1/3 cup Fruit Fresh 1/4 tsp allspice 12 whole cloves 6-8 large Barlett pear 1 large lemon 1/2 cup raisins 1/4 cup orange juice dash of salt Put 2 cups sugar and 3 cups water in saucepan and heat boiling for 5 minutes. Add Fruit Fresh, allspice and cloves. Stir n cook till powder dissolved. Wash pears and cut into 1/2 inch slices and immediately add to sugar water. Boil and simmer 15 minutes. Cut lemon into 6 wedges and add with remaining sugar to pot. Simmer 25 minutes till thicken (could be longer) When thickened add raisens and OJ with dash of salt. Cook syrup till consistency of honey. Cover and let stand 24 hours. Keep in icebox or process 20 minutes. CAn be frozen too.