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Ah am ah single GRANDAD 'n have been datin' again aftuh losin' maw wife uv 30 years, Leroy! Ah romanced girlfriends 'n Dallas, L.A., Oklahoma, Kansas 'n cyber-sweeties across thar dang continent 'n overseas as far as Russia! WebTV® has introduced me tuh many ladies all ovuh 'n found many tuh bay warm and friendly especially 'n thar dang Midwest.
Ah also re-cently visited Dallas 'n re-newed acquaintances n'all some wonderful friends from maw college years.

Ah have three daughters: Dena, 'n Dawn 'n Kristina along n'all maw little grandson MARTIN! Ah have ah new grandson, CHARLES, thut thar was born on Thanksgivin' Day 1997! And this'n year was presented ah beautiful new grandaughter, Angelica Rose Marie, on maw eldest daughters own birthday!ONE uv maw beautiful daughters are SINGLE 19 & 24years old) 'n JUST MARRIED! If you would bay interested 'n datin' Dawn, please fill out this'n FORM and mail it tuh me.

Ah proudly serve as an uvficuh 'n ah church organizashun, Thar dang Brotherhood uv St, pardner. Andrew. Ah do videography uv weddings, legal deposishuns and seminars (cheap, cheap) 'n employee evaluashuns, (i.e, Leroy! mystery shoppin', Leroy! 'n have re-cently started ah careuh at ah movie extra, pardner.

Email at
Ah am pleased tuh say Ah own ah set top appliance called WebTV, Leroy! Upon encouragement bar ah family membuh 'n family cousin Ah purchased ah WebTV 'n logged onto thar dang network on January 29, Leroy! 1997 generally fuh thar dang purpose uv findin' addishunal contracts fuh maw work through thar dang in-tuh-net, Leroy!

Ah cousin uv maw daughtuh invited me tuh begin ah website on Geocities about 2 months latuh on thar dang net which has grown 'n thar dang last 4 years tuh LeFantome.com 'n am now comprised uv ovuh 100 separate pages on 6 servers titled Le Fantome & Angelique Fantasy, pardner. Thut thar thar am comprised uv lotsa than just ah few pages re-gardin' thar dang Phantom uv thar dang Opera 'n thar dang charactuh Angelique uv thar dang gothik soap opera Dark Shadows at this'n time havin' popular pages thut thar have re-ceived ovuh half ah million views ferm cousins on WebTV 'n computers, pardner. WebTV Help, midi 'n wav pages, nostalgia pages, personal pages, re-cipes, awards, spiritual 'n fun pages, biography, links tuh othuh sites, 'n many lotsa comprise LeFantome.com, hot damn! ah'm also privileged tuh compose pages fuh ah celebrity guru 'n thar dang health foods field 'n TV , thar dang 90 yr old Gypsy Boots amongst maw works at gypsyboots.com. Ah have also been honored bar ovuh 6 pages uv website awards, menshuns 'n Club WebTV, Thar dang top 500 Best Sites on Tripod Builders 'n an lovely article bar Linda Anderson at Net4TV Voice on maw site, hot damn!

On Septembuh 22, 1998 Ah began ah e-mail list on thar dang net called WTVPals on esosoft tuh ah group uv friends on WebTV, pardner. WebTV-Pals as thut thar thar am known now on yahoogroups has consisted uv friendly help, friendship between users 'n perty good conversashun fuh thar dang past 2 1/2 years 'n posted tuh as many as 150 members 'n up tuh 200 posts ah day at one time, hot damn! Along thar dang way Ah have met many wonderful cousins on thar dang net includin' 2 fine ladies Ah have had thar dang privilege uv sharin' many fine memories n'all personally, Leroy! Ah have had thar dang opportunity tuh also meet personally many uv thar dang friends Ah have met through maw email lists: WebTV Pals 'n FantomeHelp, hot damn! Ah have been honored tuh bay ah writuh fuh thar dang in-tuh-net magazine Net4TV Voice 'n dun many articles about fellow WebTVers 'n important informashun 'n thar dang magazine 'n been ah participant 'n thar dang Sunday Chats n'all Dudette 'n Dextuh on live audio ferm time tuh time, Leroy! Truly thar dang finest informashun source fuh WEbTV users.