Gatherin urls
It is not uncommon t'be hankerin' t'ccp o' "harvest" a lot of urls in a row, perhaps in o'der t'take them t'a transloader o' t'paste them in an email t'send, cuss it all t' tarnation. It is inconvenient t'brin' them one at a time t'th' transloader o' t'paste in an email, ah reckon. An' usin' a clipboard is equally inefficient, on account o' etch url muss be copied an' brought t'th' clipboard't of like pickin' apples an' brin'in' etch one into th' house befo'e gwine back out t'pick th' next one. Thar is an easy, cornvenient, efficient way! Fry mah hide! Th' "Git To" Screen Method Th' "find" screen won't hold much pasted text ennymo'e ('cept fo' some origeenal Classics), offen not even two urls. So it has no usefulness as a tempo'ary holdin' cell fo' a number of urls. Th' "go to" screen, howevah, will hold tons of urls. Th' exack sto'age capacity is vast an' has not been assessed, cuss it all t' tarnation. Here is th' method: 1. Highlight (cmd-a) an' copy lop (cmd-x) th' fust url fum "show last" of th' "go to" panel, ah reckon. 2. When yo' git a subsequent url in th' "go to" screen usin' "show last", hit th' spacer bar t'push it a space t'th' lef'. 3. Now paste (cmd-v) th' fust url next t'it. 4. Next highlight (cmd-a) an' copy lop (cmd-x) both urls. 5. Git t'other url in th' "go to" screen wif "show last", space it on over, an' paste (cmd-v) th' fust two beside it. An' then cmd-a cmd-x all three. This hyar can hoof it on fo'evah...seems t'be no limit how much th' "go to" screen will hold, cuss it all t' tarnation. 6. Now hoof it to yer write email page an' paste them all in an email wif one click of cmd+v an' send them, dawgone it. Or eff'n yo' gathard them t'transload, read on, as enny fool kin plainly see.