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I am a single GRANDAD and have been dating again after losing my wife of 30 years. I romanced girlfriends in Dallas, L.A., Oklahoma, Kansas and cyber-sweeties across the continent and overseas as far as Russia! WebTV® has introduced me to many ladies all over and found many to be warm and friendly especially in the Midwest.
I also recently visited Dallas and renewed acquaintances with some wonderful friends from my college years.

I have three daughters: Dena, and Dawn and Kristina along with my little grandson MARTIN! I have a new grandson, CHARLES, that was born on Thanksgiving Day 1997! And this year was presented a beautiful new grandaughter, Angelica Rose Marie, on my eldest daughters own birthday!ONE of my beautiful daughters are SINGLE 19 & 24years old) and JUST MARRIED! If you would be interested in dating Dawn, please fill out this FORM and mail it to me.

I proudly serve as an officer in a church organization, The Brotherhood of St. Andrew. I do videography of weddings, legal depositions and seminars (cheap, cheap) and employee evaluations, (i.e. mystery shopping) and have recently started a career at a movie extra.

Email at
I am pleased to say I own a set top appliance called WebTV. Upon encouragement by a family member and family friend I purchased a WebTV and logged onto the network on January 29. 1997 generally for the purpose of finding additional contracts for my work through the internet.

A friend of my daughter invited me to begin a website on Geocities about 2 months later on the net which has grown in the last 4 years to and is now comprised of over 100 separate pages on 6 servers titled Le Fantome & Angelique Fantasy. It is comprised of more than just a few pages regarding the Phantom of the Opera and the character Angelique of the gothic soap opera Dark Shadows at this time having popular pages that have received over half a million views from people on WebTV and computers. WebTV Help, midi and wav pages, nostalgia pages, personal pages, recipes, awards, spiritual and fun pages, biography, links to other sites, and many more comprise I am also privileged to compose pages for a celebrity guru in the health foods field and TV , the 90 yr old Gypsy Boots amongst my works at I have also been honored by over 6 pages of website awards, mentions in Club WebTV, The top 500 Best Sites on Tripod Builders and an lovely article by Linda Anderson at Net4TV Voice on my site.

On September 22, 1998 I began a e-mail list on the net called WTVPals on esosoft to a group of friends on WebTV. WebTV-Pals as it is known now on yahoogroups has consisted of friendly help, friendship between users and good conversation for the past 2 1/2 years and posted to as many as 150 members and up to 200 posts a day at one time. Along the way I have met many wonderful people on the net including 2 fine ladies I have had the privilege of sharing many fine memories with personally. I have had the opportunity to also meet personally many of the friends I have met through my email lists: WebTV Pals and FantomeHelp. I have been honored to be a writer for the internet magazine Net4TV Voice and done many articles about fellow WebTVers and important information in the magazine and been a participant in the Sunday Chats with Dudette and Dexter on live audio from time to time. Truly the finest information source for WEbTV users.

In using webtv I have located old girlfriends, classmates from college and talked to people via email from over the country and around the world as far as Moscow in Russia to Australia. I have watched webtv people go from users just learning how to use this set top box to accomplished artists of the html, perl, javascript languages. I have been a part of the book WebTV for Dummies link from The WebTV Experts List and have tried to help many people answer questions about their set top box and html signatures. Young people, older citizens have been my students. All this from a guy who had never seen the internet before January of 1997.

I have seen WebTV progress to a unique thing within the internet. A community of users united like a family. Not on AOL, Compuserve or other servers have I ever seen this happen. Users come together for a common thread from over the network. The death of Lady OH and LadySorceress and MazeDon, The fire tragedy of Tomeegirl and the outpouring of support for her, The controversial JavaScript Bug, an overwhelming denial of using gaudy ads in email by the owners have characterized some of the unity of this community. WebTV is truly internet for the rest of us; internet for citizens of all ages, pocketbooks and sexes. Not just another TV appliance but a learning tool. Many users have gone on to computers but retain the ties to the WebTV community while in computer land. The sad good byes to the community in the newsgroups of those moving on also characterize some sadness of leaving what has become a part of them while on WebTV. I have enjoyed my stay at WebTV and hope to enjoy many more years as I watch it progress and grow and prosper. And we will fight the bugs, the upgrades and downgrades together. And enjoying the company of this set top box we share.

I live in the great state of TEXAS in Big D/FW which stands for DALLAS! the land of America's Team, the DALLAS COWBOYS! I envision this page to reflect my love of the stage which I got at an early age while ushering at the State Fair Music Hall at the


My hobbies includes videotape editing and collecting; I have recorded over 750 movies, of which 170+ are in letterbox format. I enjoy gourmet cooking and have published recipes in various cookbooks. Also, I dabble in a bit of oil painting of landscapes using the Bob Ross wet-on-wet method which is perfect for unartistic people like me! I have a degree in psychology and sociology and have earned graduate hours in psychology. I hold a paralegal certificate with honors that I received recently. I compute on a WebTV Plus terminal and an Atari 800XL computer which is 10 years old but types faster than I do! I enjoy life but lost my beloved Rosemary about 5 years ago to a hit-and-run driver. I have put up two pictures of Rosemary with her finest moments in a dance scene from "A Woman of Independent Means" a miniseries filmed in Galveston with Sally Field. (She is the woman behind Sally.)

Marsha in MS. has created a special memorial to Rosemary on her site.

I hope to make some friends from my efforts on the NET so email me and let's talk! Also, if you are really, really, bored and are female read my bio. For the guys I have an alternate version! If ya need a "little" help with your page,

Check back with me often !!!

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