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Welcome to LeFantome WebTV help Pages. There are two pages now with over 120 tools and sites to help you build super webpages. On the first page the sites automatically insert your previous images or page into the tool. On the FKey2000 page you highlight by when the site is listed in ALL CAPS. I try very hard to make all sites current but if I miss one please e-mail me below. Thanks for visiting!

I have e-mail list where you can have your ??Questions¿¿ answered by myself and a team of experts and develop friendships.
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Translation Experts Ltd. is pleased to provide this link to the InterTran (tm) multi-language translation system for webpages and text. The translations are not perfect but they can give you a general idea of what is being communicated. Some of the languages have more limited lexicons then others so the quality of translation can vary between the languages. We always suggest that if you need critical translations hire a translators or take the time to learn the language that they want to communicate in. Any text or webpages that are translated will appear within this webpage frame. Some of the languages will need additonal support for specific fonts.


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