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What they are: What they do

There are over 100+ tools to use on the WebTV Help 
Page. This page tells you what they are and what they 

HISTORY -- gives the history in clickable links to all sites visited in this session on WebTV.
SPEEDY SOURCE VIEWER -- NEW! gives html source and links to page automatically & quickly.
MAGICK -- Image magick ; mordify images from thumbnails to a big variety of special effects.Now brought to you by Net4TV...
DOMINIA, PWS, Freeloader UPLOAD --- tells the upload on a referred page to upload your material. Put in password and username. MultiLoad you can load up to 5 at a time

WebTV® SCRAPBOOK UPLOAD --- allows a referred page to be uploaded to Page Builder on WebTV.net.

DR. HTML -- tells the images on a referred page by clicking on the button. Use the Help page with an F key!

THUNDERSTONE validator -- gives you the html of a referred page or you can type in a page you wish to validate.

FILEDEX -- image finder that shows you the html of te images on a page. Good Tool! referrer code built in! New!

ZIPPY meta-joke page -- puts comical jokes on a webpage from a referred sourse page. Quite a hoot and it can be mailed from the page.

DEVIOUS VISITOR MONITOR -- if you clic it on you will send me an email telling me you visited! Thanks and I will try to email you back.

GIF WIZARD/LYCOS -- enter a name of what gif you are looking for separated by + sign and no space to have it search for you. EX. hot+air+balloon

BACKWARDS PAGE -- Give you a mirror image of a webpage from a referred source.

BLACK HOLE -- CLIC on it and SEE!

CLEAR CACHE -- will send you to a page which if you clic it on will clear the recent memory from your WebTV.

WEBTV SEARCH -- search engine of WebTV sites (limited sites on line)

MYIMAGER.COM -- similar to WebFX and does special effects on gifs

WebFX -- special effects to a gif or jpg (very good)

GIF MECHANIC -- reduces gifs or jpg to a smaller byte size for easier loading

LOGINs -- for HP log into files for Geocities, TRipod, Angelfire, FortuneCity, TalkCity, WBS, ZyWeb etc.

COOKIE LOGIN -- Special login that uses cookies to save you logins. Adaption of script from MadRabbit.

GIF sizer -- tells you the height and width in pixels for adding to your html tags for easier loading, Must be referred gif.

TRANSLATIONS EXPERTs -- a multi-language translator for webpages and text.

FLAMING TEXT.COM -- makes banners and buttons with all kinds of fonts and styles.

TRIPOD/GEOCITIES SYSTEM CHECK -- checks the status of their pages and server

DR. WATSON 4.0 -- a validator which you enter the URL into.

Y-A-H newgroup -- link to alt.discuss.young-at-heart

STAR BLVD TRANSLOADER -- tool to upload your own gifs, jpgs, html, wavs, mid, etc to your HP file.

TRANSLOADER STATUS -- reads BUSY if StarBlvd is not active and TL OK if it is up for use.

ASK JEEVES -- ASk Jeeves a question and it will run a search in multi engines. Easy to use!

SITE OWNER.COM -- 6 special tools to create meta tags search for your HP links, survey your site for tags etc. VERY USEFUL.

DOGPILE -- multi-search engine for searching for something on the internet.

COLOR CUBE -- gives you a numberical code for various colors and fonts.

YAH IRC -- Chatroom for Young-at-Heart

GROTTO -- LeFantome's Grotto of Seduction Chatroom. BEst on the net! Prejudiced of course. ;-)

LeFantome & Angelique Fantasy -- my home page

LEFANTOME's SEARCH ENGINE -- imagemap and search engine for my site.

PUZZLER -- Phantastic Puzzler slide game for a little fun from LeFantome!

GOOGLE -- new search engine for sites on the net

VOYCABULARY -- dictionary and thesaraus for webpages.

FUNKY fonts -- decorative fonts you can use in webpages or email Ex. Rainbow text

SEARCHING FOR A MIDI -- Searching for a midi search engine on the internet.

WORD PROCESSOR -- Useful for testing out your HTML before putting in email or HPage.

MAMA -- multi-engine search tool...very good one

WBS TRANSPORT -- Transport entire sites to WBS which has unlimited webspace. Good to mirror sites

CUSTOM BARS -- make your own custom bars and lines

ZYRIS GRAPHIC -- banner maker from Zpris, 3D, animated type graphics...

BANNER GENERATOR -- bit more complicated but uses a variety of fonts to make a banner.

COOLtext BANNERs -- makes stunning banners for Webpages and email

SWITCHUSERS -- takes you from here to another mailbox on WEbTV

LeFantome's TABLE -- an index of all my pages on the web.

WTVPALS -- intro page to my email list group on the net. Sign up and application available. Please read the rules!

PALS CHAT -- WebTV Pals Chatroom

HTML in EMAIL -- definitive page from Paul Erickson

DRACC -- The definititve site for Gifs for WebTV

NOSE's HOMECAMS -- Indoor CAMS on the WEB (rated R)

COLOR TEST -- Check font colors against a background that you choose. Very useful

TABLE MAKER -- enter the type of table you want and get the HTML to make it.

ERICKSON -- links of Paul Erickson which are the best on WEBTV!

CHEAT SHEET -- handy tags to put on your email or webpage.... Check it out!

NEWBIE HTML -- a good tutorial on HTML for newbies

JOHN WILLIAMS Midis -- midis from John Williams the musican who gave us music for Star Wars

TBOOB's MIDI - another very good audio site for midis

DOC DOC -- another great site for midis

DEJA NEW -- tells what posts a person has made from the NG's

PAGE MAKER -- a javascript tool to create webpages. NEW!

ELISIA's RA -- great RA site that WebTV can hear

COUCH POTATO -- great buttons and backgrounds. Custom made for free too!

FUNNIES -- funny cartoons and jokes

TRANSLATOR -- language translator from ALta Vista

COOL ARCHIVE BANNERS -- another banner maker

DIALECTIZER -- turns webpages and script into redneck, swedish chef and many more.

SIG BUILD -- tool that just have to fill in blanks to make your own sig script. FORM MAKER -- a tool to make your own forms using radio button, check boxes and fill in blanks.. LINK CHECK -- Let Gif mechanic check all your links on a single webpage and email you back.

SIG BUILDERS -- New! A tool to make your own signatures by creating the html for you!

PACEWORKS -- Advertising animated banners for promoting your site

LeFANTOME"S Greeting CARDS --- make a personal greeting card online and send it.

UPLOAD HELP -- Great tutorial on how and where to transload.

SUBINA77's TRICK -- GReat Tricks page for WebTV

PROTOTYPE -- Great ideas and tools Page from a true genius

BETSY's GRAB BAG -- Cut and Paste HTML for webpages

CORNER BACKGROUNDS -- tutorial on how to make 'em

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