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Le Fantome is often asked for tricks and fun things to do to webpages and e-mail address. Different strokes for different folks so take a look-see and see if you find anything useful for your e-mail or webpage.

Javascript Bug FIX!!!Finally!
Add this to the body of your webpage!
<noframes><!-- #echo var="http://url_of_page" --><script> c = 6; for (i=1;i<c;i++) {setTimeout("history.go(0);", 500); } </script><center><font color=ff6666>WEBTV BUG ALERT - PLEASE RELOAD</font></center> </noframes>

E-Mail Image in Body of Text

To put an email image in the body of your text use the following code substituting your own image URL and midi URLS. Be sure to put the (html) the first thing in the body of the email and the text will be to the left of the image. To make it on the left use align=left

<body bgcolor="COLOR" text="COLOR" transition="slideup"><br><center> <br> ANYTHING ELSE AT THE BOTTOM OF EMAIL MESSAGE GOES HERE! <embed src="+++SONG ADDY+++" autostart=true> </html> </table></tr></td> <center> <p> <img src="++GIF ADDY++++" align=left>

E-Mail Trick for Addicts

Ever have a fellow family member wanna use the phone while you are typing a long email and don't wanna have to wait? Do THIS: Put your cursor in the body of the email and hit options and at the same time you hit the HANG UP button hit any letter on the keyboard. You will still be able to type while they talk on the phone...!!! and when hey get off just reconnect and send it...!

Getting Pixs from "puters E-mail

To get pixs from 'computers" or WebTV vidcaps or wavs email just set up an acct at Eudoramail or Photopoint. Then fowward the email with the pic in it and go to the mail service and scroll down to the bottom and clic on the attachments which are the pixs. Clic on the picture to get the full size and then clic on the larger size. Hit goto and show last and that will be a temporary URL you can use to upload at StarBlvd or Domanania.net Transloaders. For WebTV made wavs go to Eudoramail and hit DO which is download and you will see the tempoary URL of the wav and enter go to and show last get temp URL of the wav or vidcap so that you can transload.

Putting HTML codes in Webpage

If you want to put html codes in your webpage so that the codes will show up like the codes above before the codes put <xmp> before the codes and after you finish </xmp) using the > key..hehe<p>

Meta commands

Sometimes you want to have a page automatically load into your main page etc. If you want to do this like on my main page Use these commands between the head codes in your inital webpage: (meta http-eqiv="refresh" content="#of seconds delay;URL=url of page to go to")
Notice there is NO quotation marks after the # of seconds you want to delay and the end of the URL of the page to go to....

Special emphasis in text

To make your text underlined before the text put

<u> and To strike out a text put <strike> before the text and </strike> at the conclusion

page up page down

To make a clic on for the page to go to top of page use this <a href="#hyperlink">jump to top</a> and at the top put <a name=hyperlink></a>> like this: Jump to top Note that the key word here is "hyperlink" as it is the key for it to go to the top of the page. You can use any name you wish to...To reverse put a link in the top of the page to go to another name in the bottom...

Clear all Cache

To clear your memory of your WebTV power off and hit 32768 WHILE the BOX IS OFF , You will see the little lights blink. Reconnect and set your Call waiting options because it will erase it. You should be able to surf quicker then.


Here are some blinking codes..you might wanna se: This is the message<marquee scrollamount=265 scrolldelay=500> This is the message</marquee>

Another one

<marquee scrollamount=500 scrolldelay=7> This is the message</marquee> Adjust for your own effects!

Image at TOP of E-MAIL BODY

To put an image on the top of your email body after the closing

</html> in your sig type in <html><table><td></table></td> </table> </td> and then put your image or whatever you want to say. THis will disable the cut and paste of those who read your email also.


A common button just for WebTV for both email and webpage is this:<FORM METHOD=POST ACTION=http://url_of_page><INPUT TYPE=SUBMIT TEXT=color? WIDTH=400 VALUE="button name" BORDERIMAGE=file://rom/borders/buttonborder?1-8.bif></FORM> It produces a button like this

You can make different button depending on which rom cache button you like.


For a fixed scrolling background use this code: <body: background="url of background" NOVTILEBG NOHTILEBG>

How to BOUNCE email to get HTML

While reading the post or mail, hit SEND and click on FORWARD. 2.Address the forwarded message to yourself. 3.Completely erase the subject line if there is anything in it. 4.Move cursor to text area and hit RETURN twice without entering text. Cursor should be on third line now. 5.Press ALT-Z keys at the same time to get the special control character . Don't hit RETURN. 6.Cut and paste the into the subject box like this ... hit CMD-A, hit CMD-X, move cursor to subject line and hit CMD-V. 7.Click on SEND.

Page Builder Image Find

1) Click on the picture from your change web page page. *Note* the page must be published. 2) Click view ths picture. now in the status bar it should have something like importD01.gif. Write this down! 3) Now to use the pic, use this code <img src=http://community.webtv.net/YourNick/*PageTitleYouPutThe ImageOn*/scrapbookFiles/importD01.gif>

You can place html in the add text box, but to get javascripts to work you must have (html) at the very beginning of the codes you plan to add. Say you wanna embed one of your new pages as your sig. OK it's all right but you can't get the colors to match up This is an example of why you would use this trick :-) Click the page you wanna

<embed> click change title and desciption and put this in the box </title><plaintext> Find the codes you need, then erase those codes of the title.<p>

E-Mail Forms Fix

Since the new homepage and Page Builder many have been having a problem with their forms mailing to them. Here is the fix...replace your

Making Text Forms
How to create a text box To make a text box for easy COPY/PASTING:

To make it grow with your needs use this code: <form><textarea bgcolor="black" text="ffffff" cursor="00ffdd" cols="50" border="0" autoactivate nohighlight growable>text/code here</textarea></form>

How to Animate a Gif

An animation is made up of two or more frames. When you 
talk about animating a .gif you need to have at least two 
frames that you want to run together for the animation. If 
you have more than one frame, it is pretty simple to 
animate them. 
1) Transload each frame into a separate subdirectory. Such 
as /images/AniGif/Frame1.gif 
NOTE: Make sure the frames are listed in the right order. 
Starting with 
the first frame. 
2) Go to Image Magick 
3) Enter the URL only up to the subdirectory that the 
frames are in. In the example above you would you would 
enter: http://whatever.com/images/AniGif/ 
NOTE: Be sure that you end the URL with a / or it won't 
4) You will now see the first frame of the animation on the 
screen. Click on "output" 
5) For Format: choose GIF 
6) For Storage Type: choose Multiple Images per File 
7) Scroll down to Delay: Here is where you will set the 
speed for the animation. 1/100th is the fastest. Change the 
one to a higher number to slow it down, like 5/100th or 
25/100th Or any number higher than one. NOTE: If you don't 
like the speed you set, then don't worry you can always hit 
"back" and try a different one. 
8) Scroll down to Loop: and type 0 
NOTE: That is a zero if you can't tell. 
9) Scroll back up and click where it says "Press to output 
10) You will now see you animation, and it is ready to 

<body bgcolor="purple" text="yellow" vlink="white" link="yellow"><table bgcolor="purple" gradcolor="black" gradangle="90" width="100%"><tr><td> You add all your codes here for your webpage.You can take out the gradangle= if you want, and you can change that number to a plus or negative number and see what you come up with. And change all the colors to what you want it to be. Have Fun. Just copy and paste the code in the textbox and paste it in between your html tags of your page<BR><BR></td></tr></table> </body>

Continuous Midi Playing Page to Page

Never-ending music from page to page to page and back again just add this simple code to all your links: target="main" so all your links will look like this: <a href="nameoflinkorpage.html" target="main">Link</a> If you just have a background song looped on your first page (index or home) and NO OTHER background songs on any other pages then THAT 1 song will be what is heard over and over.

Audioscope/E-Mail Trick

Create a file on your homepage. Name the file scope.html Create a scope & save Rename the file from the list below with the extension that works for your server. Example: scope.tmp (Geocities), scope.shtml or .exe (TalkCity); scope.wrl (Angelfire, Dencity,Hypermart, 50megs) No solution for Tripod, sorry! Embed the new file in your sig box.

Scrolling Button

Use this script to make words scroll and a button and redirect the viewer to your url. Change the words and url to your page. See it here Here is the script:

Two Sounds in E-Mail

On the same line as the audioscopes, Make a page and end it in .html with just a sound (midi, wav) file in it. This is going to be your second sound....then create another page also ending in .html with this coding in it....

<html><head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30;url=http://url for page with the second sound here"><title>your page title here</title></head><body bgcolor="?"><bgsound src="http://url of the first sound here"></body></html> Change the 30 to how ever many seconds the first sound plays and the second sound should start. Then rename the page with the extension for your homepage server (see above) Then embed it in your e-mail signature!

Listing URL's while surfing

Making a list of URL's while surfing Making a list of URL's to save in your mail, with out having to send it tell you get done surfing! step #1 Hit "go to" Than hit "show current"
step #2 Hilght the URL. Cut the URL.
step #3 surf some more then find another URL you want. Do step #1.
step #4 Hit "space bar" Paste the URL that you Cut in step #2, High light the URL's. Cut the URL"s
step #5 When you are done surfing! Write a message to your self, Paste the URL's in your message then send. Thanks to kamrich@webtv.net for the tiop!

Transfer Addresses??

Go to your write a mail page and open your addy book. Go right down the list and click on every addy on it. This will dump all of them in the "To" line of your mail. Copy and paste all the addys from your To line to the body portion of your mail. Address the mail to the user you want to send them to and mail it. When it gets there go down the list and click on each one. You will be asked if you want to add them...Say yes...

Email form trick

If you want a form button to mail to you but don't want the signature and want to add your own subject line use this:
Send me an email <a href="mailto:lefantome@webtv.net?no_signature=true&subject=your+subject+goes+here">ClickME</a> This well remove the sig and put the text in the subject automatically.

Listen to WebTV Mail by Phone

Neatest trick of the new year! Ok let me try to explain how to check` you webtv email with a phone where it reads it to you!! First go to Tellme.com and sign up for the service or call 1800-555-TELL and use the voice prompts to sign up. Then go to this page and clic on EXTENSIONS to set up the voice mail for your webtv email remote mail to be fetched. http://www.tellme.com/keywords/ Fill it out and then you can check your email via phone for free from anywhere. You also need to make sure your webtv remote mail for the acct you want to check is enabled. To do that go to settings and clic on remote mail and set it up. the pop code is pop.webtv.net, your username and password you have pre-selected. Then you are set... Also take advantage of the unlimited 2 minutes phone calls and the 15 free phone calls to you from your friends and the other free features on this site. Tellme is a great tool for phone use. you can also REPLY to email by selecting phonebooth when you are give the menu choices. Check your email from any phone, for free! Now you can check your email from any phone! After you register with this page, you can dial Tellme at 1-800-555-TELL, say the word Extensions, and then dial in extension 36245 (which spells EMAIL on your touchtone pad). This service brought to you via Tellme Studio, which lets anyone write and publish phone applications, for free! Please report bugs,security concerns, feedback, kudos, whatever to terry@weissman.org. You can now reply to messages! Just say reply to sender, and send a reply in your own voice. Please start by telling me your email address, and the password associated with your POP email account. If you have already set up this service, enter your address and password to review or change your settings. Email address: Password: security concerns should email the owner at terry@weissman.org

Tricks with ASCII and Javascript

New! on Page 2 of tricks!CLICK HERE

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